Do something for fun!

Maybe that sounds a little trite, something that is a little too superficial for the world we are in at the moment.

Then again maybe it is the thing we need right now, with a world that feels very heavy at the moment it’s really good to look for the lightness and the joy. There are many free joyful gifts that we receive n our day and it’s so easy to let them go past, even to expect them. How many things did we take for granted before all these lockdowns and teirs happened? Yup literally thousands.

So what can you do to help you find the joy and fun in your day? What are these simple things? They are different for everyone. Don’t judge and don’t put your expectations on yourself or others. I met someone in a shop the other day and in the shock of initially not recognising each other our conversation was actually rather funny when I think back over it. He noticed the red wellies, scarf and bag I was wearing ‘I really like red’ was my answer – its true, it lightens my mood and makes me smile. I will often grab red lipstick if I want a little boost.

Out in the ice with my red scarf (bag and wellies there too)

The conversation continued in that strange shouty way it has to with masks and 2m between us. He stood on his marked spot waiting in line, I stood on mine unloading my trolly. He then holds up his handful of three or four packets of the same cake and says ‘this is my favourite’

Yes it’s simple, and on the surface meaningless but deep down, we all seek something to give us a smile and bring a little joy and that is really ok. Don’t make it the focus of your life but don’t neglect those little moments. They are precious and important, maybe even essential.

One little moment that has been such a treat for me is something I saw and have ordered for some friends of mine. I do enjoy a good instagram scroll and when Ellen from EllenHopkincreates shared her new embroidered hoops I can not express quite how happy it made me. These are the hoops I saw…

Beautiful moments of joy for EllenHopkincreates

It says how I feel right now, but even more importantly it reminded me of some beautiful people I miss so much. One amazing woman used to find it hilarious when we used the word ‘pants’ to describe things and I can hear her laugh when I look at it. This just makes me smile so much, these moments need to be seen and recognised. These are the light and the beauty in our day. Remembering a laugh, a moment, seeing something beautiful, doing something silly. See them, call them out, celebrate them!

Why mention this? It has got me thinking…. I really feel the need for connection this year. As I am sure many many others do too. I’ve struggled with zoom and video chats (I really struggle with the way we all end up speaking on them) I would 100% prefer to ring on the phone over these videos. But I am grateful for all of them. So I’m thinking, I’m realising these moments of joy do not stop, they are there ready to be celebrated. Celebrating is even better when its shared, sharing can be done in so many ways, maybe there are some I prefer over others but with a little creativity and imagination connection can be found. I’ve recognised the struggle and now what will I do? Seeing a problem is one thing then next is to find a way to help.. so this year I am writing more letters. I am going to give myself permission to write short notes but write them all the same and post and post and post. I will stay connected in beautiful ways.

The joy filled cup - scottish highlands landscape postacard
Postcards are a big part f my posting plan

What has your challenge been and what will you do this year to help?

Let’s look for the joy in the simple things.

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