Freedom in the face of a changing world

We are all so aware of the changes, the restrictions and limits. So it may seem a weird time to release something called ‘FREEDOM’ but I think it absolutely is the time!

We need to be reminded of our freedom and encouraged to stretch those wings. (I wholeheartedly believe that we should stick to the guidance we are given and if we did actually apply some common sense and stick to it this could be a shorter period of lockdown I’m sure. Anyway.) The freedom I speak of here is not the freedom to go where we like. It’s the freedom to explore and wonder. We can question and ask and share. We can learn so much from these times that freedom shares the spirit of love and hope.

We an use the wings of our imagination to escape, we can use our freedom to support one another.

And we can value our freedom.

Our hard fought freedoms.

It is said that we only realise what we have when it is taken away, so let this piece be a reminder to value those things and to fight for whats right. To care for those who are the most vulnerable.

Freedom collection – artwork by LucyJoyArtist and pendant by Only Willow jewellery

This FREEDOM set is a collaboration between myself and Olivia from Only Willow Jewellery. During Lockdown Olivia and myself grew a friendship fIlled with mutual appreciation. Olivia’s hand made jewellery is beautifully made with such love and passion.

We began chatting about creating something with a combination of our talents. On a personal note I have always wanted to make my artwork into a piece of jewellery so it was like a ream come true to actually see this happen.

As we chatted about ideas it was so important that we got across a feeling of the strength of character and the spirit of hope that we all have needed to find and develop in this time. We felt that the Oneliners were a great way to show this, the heart of it is about sticking through all the twists and turns of life ready to make something beautiful.

These are now available to buy, the artwork comes as an A5 print and the pendant is on a 18inch chain created by Only Willow Jewellery.

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