Taking time to create

Ideas to help you start your journey to bring creativity in daily life and find the ‘thing’ that brings you Joy.

Here you will find a collection of useful ideas, tips and thoughts to help you find those ‘mindful moments’ in your day and life. What do I mean by that? ‘Mindfulness’ can be some kind of a buzz word at the moment but really it’s about finding a way to bring quiet into your mind. To allow you to rest your mind and body in the best way that suits you. The world we now live in is filled with noise, colour, sound, there are constant demands on our time and our attention. I have tried to find realistic ways to help take a few moments out just to allow you to catch up with where you are.

These are ideas and starting points, you do not need detailed instructions just find ideas that spark with you and find a way to fan the flames and get you really inspired and excited to use and try them.


Everyone is creative in some way, knitting, cooking, speaking, drawing even den building.

Being creative is not just for artists, it’s making something only you can in a way that you enjoy.

If you still cant think of anything don’t worry. Let the idea sit with you and maybe over time you may surprise yourself.

Know your Happy Place

Where is the place you can relax and feel that you can breathe?

Find that place, know that place and make a date with yourself to get to there when you need to. Maybe it is an actual place, maybe an activity, whatever the thing is that allows you to enjoy and not think about lots of other things – do it!

It’s so important to care for ourselves as well as those around us. Someone one said self care is as much for the person as it is for those who love them.


Simply – writing stuff down and decluttering your mind.

There are so many ways to do this, Ive written several blog pieces on different ideas but the most valuable advice I can give is find what works for you and run with it. Journal every day or once a month, use lists or prompts or free write.

Whatever you choose the idea is to get all that stuff buzzing round your head out and then you can focus on what you need to.


What are you thankful for?

It sounds so simple but the act of writing down what you are grateful for is a powerful one. When works best for you? Try early morning or before bed, how about whenever you are waiting.

Start by changing your ‘I have to’ to ‘I get to’ and you will be amazed at the blessings you had been taking for granted.

Write a letter

When was the last time you received hand written post?

It seems like a crazy thing but how often do we write or receive hand written mail now? In a time when so many people are moving around it is sad that we don’t write more. Technology is wonderful but lets not neglect this treasure. Take some time to write to an old friend or even someone nearer. I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t like post. So find time to slow down and write a letter. You will make someone’s day when they get it through their door.

Another option is to write letters you don’t intend to send, write to your younger self, or to those who come after you and keep them in a book.

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