What is a oneliner? I hear you asking.

Oneliners as created using one continual line.

That’s right once I have started I don’t take my pen off until the piece is finished.

It’s a nod to living life to the full, to pressing on even when its hard and we cant work out where to go. It’s an encouragement to dream big and to really go for it!

LucyJoyArtist - one line art -cactus
Lucy Joy Artist – creates mindful art and Oneliners using one continual line.
Lucy Joy mindful christian artist - 0nleine - i love you more than ice cream
Lucy Joy mindful christian artist – oneliner – inspiring artwork to share and spread love. Beautiful digital artwork for your walls
Encouragement parcels - LucyJoyArtist
Choose an original Oneliner and encouragement card and send someone happy post. – LucyJoyArtist